Sunday, July 12, 2009

Island Dreams

Today was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a walk on Mackworth Island. We had tried to do this once before but we were turned away because there was no parking. So dad put on the Bjorn, I grabbed the camera and away we went. Finn seems to thrive outside which isn't surprising since his mom and dad also thrive in the out of doors!
071209 002
071209 004
071209 005
I think he liked looking out over the ocean. Mark would pick up a rock and put it in his hand so he could feel the texture. He would also throw them in the water so Finn could see the splash. Hard to say if any of it was noticed but you can't blame a guy for trying. Soon he will appreciate those things.
The most interesting thing he got to feel was some seaweed.
071209 012
071209 014
071209 015
Not sure he liked it judging from the look on his face, but who knows. It got pretty sunny out there on the beach so we used dad's hat for protection as well.
071209 017
Then we moved back up into the woods and enjoyed the view from a shady swing.
071209 021
but Finn fell asleep
071209 025
071209 027
All in all it was a beautiful walk and I think that Phineas will one day really love visiting the island. Tomorrow we may head over to Two Lights State Park.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 months

We have hit the 2 month mark! I love the new things he does and it seems like everyday he greets us with a smile. One that looks kind of like...
except less blurry.
Yesterday was his 2 month child well check. It went pretty well. He weighed in at 13lbs 11oz and was 24 inches long which puts him right about in the 90th percentile. Poor little guy got two shots but he was way braver than I was. Here he is after we got home from his appointment.
He sure was enjoying chewing on his cloth. Soon after he got fussy. He enjoyed the taste of his Tylenol and after a walk with his dad was able to eventually calm down and get some rest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Phineas has been VERY busy the last week or so. Everyday he has made a new discovery and built upon it. His smiles are infectious and his constant cooing is heart melting.
He has discovered he has hands, he has feet and a voice! Such a busy little boy. He now loves his swing and is very content to sit on his own quietly and absorb all that is around him. It is amazing to watch. Of course an update wouldn't be complete without some photographic evidence.

yes he is cross eyed but he is watching as he moves his hand in front of his face. It isn't like his arms are that long! He absolutely loves to look at his feet, he smiles and coos at them. He also seems to enjoy looking at my hands. I spread out my fingers and wiggle them and you can tell he is taking notes! I see hi-fives in his near future.

doesn't he just melt your heart? This is usually the look I get while he is cooing at me. What a charmer!!

here he is in his swing. I am so happy he is finally enjoying it. He stares up at the mobile and talks to the sea creatures. He will sit in there for a long time and he has even fallen asleep. The reason this is amazing is because he had never gone to sleep on his own before this. We have always had to hold, rock or pat him to sleep.

Getting to 8 weeks has been quite an adventure but I think Phineas is really starting to take shape. He is less fussy and so much more interactive. We will update again after his doctors appointment and fill you in on all his stats.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

it's for the birds

We have seen a change in Finn in the last two weeks. He has really started to enjoy being a baby. Don't get me wrong he still has his fussy times but now they are sugar coated with sickly sweet smiles and coos. Just one big smile and you forget that 5 minutes ago you were ready to get in the car with all your belongings never to return. One of the greatest joys in his life at the moment is a certain mobile his Grampa Frasier gave to him. We hung it up over his pack and play and he is literally entertained for 10-15 minute chunks. It gives us a breather and Phineas gets so excited to see his birds. He kicks the side of the pack to make them jiggle and smiles from ear to ear. Here are some action shots...

In response to the present, Phineas created his first work of art. We made his Grandpa a card. While lying in the pack and play Finn moves his arms like crazy. I took different colored markers and put them in his hand. The paper lay beside him down flat on the mat and as he waved his arms wildly he would leave marks on the paper. Not so bad for only being 6wks old at the time eh?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

rubber duckie is not the one, at least not yet

So Phineas is not a fan of his bath time. He screams as if I were holding him by his ankles and dipping him head first into the water... uh isn't that how it's done?? I kid. Seriously though this kid is not interested at this point in the game. He wants to be a smelly hippy so we let him. Kind of. He is now taking showers with us. Don't worry one of us is a spotter. Slippery when wet does apply though I think we have a good strategy. One of us gets in, we turn the water on a little more than a mist, kind of a light rain/sprinkle, then when ready the spotter hands him in. We do a cradle hold which makes it a lot more of a stable hold and we don't move him from that position too much. We cup water every where he needs a good dousing and he doesn't seem to mind the water hitting his face. After he has been rinsed and we make sure to get all his neck folds and behind his head, ears, bum, front and hair we pass him back into a nice dry warm towel and body. I won't give up, I know one day he will love his tubby but for now the shower works just fine. I think I might attempt to put him in his tubby and run the light mist at the same time and see if that helps. I will keep you posted! ;) Until then here are some blurry shots of him not enjoying his bath!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Phineas has been pretty busy the last few days. As I mentioned in my last post we were going to the mall. He pretty much slept through it and when he was not asleep he was totally enthralled with the lights. We were shopping for a present for his great cousin Eden who turned one today, so maybe he was bored by all the pink watermelon dresses I was looking at. He did wake up at one point to eat but fell back a sleep shortly after.

On Friday Mark and I took him on Portland's First Friday Art Walk. I would say he enjoyed it since...yeah you guessed it, slept through it! Here is a pic of him and his dad enjoying the art.
He did eventually wake up when he was hungry. Here is Mark feeding him the bottle I brought with us. How many kids get to eat dinner in an art gallery?

Today we went to Eden's birthday party. It was a wonderful party with good peeps and delish food. Phineas would have been able to hang out with all the toddlers if he hadn't....SLEPT THROUGH IT!!! Seriously this kid misses everything. He did wake up eventually because he got hungry and was able to visit with the family that was still there. I didn't take any pics but I know they exist and will steal them as soon as I can.

So the moral of this blog, Phineas is a heavy sleeper and will only wake up when hungry.
Here is a shot of Finn sleeping since he does it so well!

He turned 1 month old yesterday and Mark and I are fairly sure we are starting to see real smiles. I have tried to capture them with the camera but without luck. He is also starting to talk a bit more. Hopefully videos will be coming soon to this blog and you can see/hear for yourselves. For now, it is time for me to sleep...Finn is, well, already sleeping. Goodnight!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get the Ball Rolling

So I still can not access all the birth pics unless I steal them from Facebook in which case they would be VERY small sooo here is a pic of Phineas Phineasright after he was born.

He was so chunky with those big cheekers!! He is not as full figured these days.

OK so lets move on so I can start seriously letting you in on what my little guy has been up to.
He has been sleeping quite a bit and for the last two nights he has even slept through the night. Here is him sleeping when we first brought him home.

He eats a lot!! In fact I am keeping track today because I think he is getting more than he should.. He is a big kid but he seems to be eating above normal.

We try to get out of the house at least once a day. It is hard in these early days since he mostly just sleeps and eats though his awake time is getting longer. Here he is at Hannaford, it was his first time in a cart!
He slept through it, he sleeps through most of our excursions. sigh
Here he is at Target trying on the sunglasses!

OK so I think that about will bring us up to date.. Phineas and I will be checking out the mall today I think... and maybe visiting his grandmother who works across the street! See you soon!