Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Phineas has been pretty busy the last few days. As I mentioned in my last post we were going to the mall. He pretty much slept through it and when he was not asleep he was totally enthralled with the lights. We were shopping for a present for his great cousin Eden who turned one today, so maybe he was bored by all the pink watermelon dresses I was looking at. He did wake up at one point to eat but fell back a sleep shortly after.

On Friday Mark and I took him on Portland's First Friday Art Walk. I would say he enjoyed it since...yeah you guessed it, slept through it! Here is a pic of him and his dad enjoying the art.
He did eventually wake up when he was hungry. Here is Mark feeding him the bottle I brought with us. How many kids get to eat dinner in an art gallery?

Today we went to Eden's birthday party. It was a wonderful party with good peeps and delish food. Phineas would have been able to hang out with all the toddlers if he hadn't....SLEPT THROUGH IT!!! Seriously this kid misses everything. He did wake up eventually because he got hungry and was able to visit with the family that was still there. I didn't take any pics but I know they exist and will steal them as soon as I can.

So the moral of this blog, Phineas is a heavy sleeper and will only wake up when hungry.
Here is a shot of Finn sleeping since he does it so well!

He turned 1 month old yesterday and Mark and I are fairly sure we are starting to see real smiles. I have tried to capture them with the camera but without luck. He is also starting to talk a bit more. Hopefully videos will be coming soon to this blog and you can see/hear for yourselves. For now, it is time for me to sleep...Finn is, well, already sleeping. Goodnight!


  1. He is absolutely adorable Bethlynne!

  2. LOL I remember the days when Jocelyn slept through everything! No one ever got to see her eyes. He's so precious! Enjoy every moment! :)