Sunday, June 21, 2009

rubber duckie is not the one, at least not yet

So Phineas is not a fan of his bath time. He screams as if I were holding him by his ankles and dipping him head first into the water... uh isn't that how it's done?? I kid. Seriously though this kid is not interested at this point in the game. He wants to be a smelly hippy so we let him. Kind of. He is now taking showers with us. Don't worry one of us is a spotter. Slippery when wet does apply though I think we have a good strategy. One of us gets in, we turn the water on a little more than a mist, kind of a light rain/sprinkle, then when ready the spotter hands him in. We do a cradle hold which makes it a lot more of a stable hold and we don't move him from that position too much. We cup water every where he needs a good dousing and he doesn't seem to mind the water hitting his face. After he has been rinsed and we make sure to get all his neck folds and behind his head, ears, bum, front and hair we pass him back into a nice dry warm towel and body. I won't give up, I know one day he will love his tubby but for now the shower works just fine. I think I might attempt to put him in his tubby and run the light mist at the same time and see if that helps. I will keep you posted! ;) Until then here are some blurry shots of him not enjoying his bath!

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