Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phineas the tank

I received a present in the mail a few days ago from one of my online friends. She is on with me. It is the coolest hat and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my support circle!
Finn's hat
Mark loves it too! I can't wait to see him in it!

So today I had an U/S and appointment. Everything looks great. In the ultrasound he was moving around quite a bit. His head is still down and his HB was about 157 and regular. We could also see him taking practice breaths which was so reassuring. His lungs are developing nicely and that would explain why he gets the hiccups so much! I have plenty of fluid in there for him and all my parts look healthy too! wooot!

So remember last time when he weighed over 4lbs and he wasn't even supposed to be 3 yet... the tech told us that most likely he had gone through a growth spurt and he may not weigh much more than that at the next visit....WRONG! He is estimated to be 5lbs 13oz! WHOA! Holy heck I am so glad I have "breeding hips." The tech just kept saying "you have a very content baby in there... very "healthy"....yeah healthy indeed!! the kid is a TANK! They don't seem concerned yet but they are not the ones planning on birthing this cute monster!

So we also found out he has a full head of hair
Finn's locks
the white lines sticking out are apparently hairs. She said he has a full head and that these were sticking up down near his neck. He must get that from his dad because I was as bald as bald can be!

last but not least here is the newest mug shot.
newest mug shot
He sure does like his hands up near his face. He looks a bit different in this one from the last one. I love his pouty little lips!!

Anyone know of any good weight lifting programs I can join... I think I am going to need all the upper body strength I can muster to pick him up!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finn flies

Phineas took his first plane ride. I will admit I was a bit nervous for him but it went smoothly. Other than the fact they don't make planes pregnancy friendly we had no issues. I think he enjoyed himself really.... who wouldn't being all snug and warm while 21,000 feet? He also enjoyed his first trip to Florida. He got to hear a lot of his relatives and they all showered him with presents! I am pretty sure he enjoyed the mass quantity of fruit I fed him as well since he danced all around every time I fed him some. Next week I will get to see Finn again and this time his dad will be there to see him too. I think he will like that. He seems to react to Mark's voice and touch. Till then.....