Sunday, July 12, 2009

Island Dreams

Today was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a walk on Mackworth Island. We had tried to do this once before but we were turned away because there was no parking. So dad put on the Bjorn, I grabbed the camera and away we went. Finn seems to thrive outside which isn't surprising since his mom and dad also thrive in the out of doors!
071209 002
071209 004
071209 005
I think he liked looking out over the ocean. Mark would pick up a rock and put it in his hand so he could feel the texture. He would also throw them in the water so Finn could see the splash. Hard to say if any of it was noticed but you can't blame a guy for trying. Soon he will appreciate those things.
The most interesting thing he got to feel was some seaweed.
071209 012
071209 014
071209 015
Not sure he liked it judging from the look on his face, but who knows. It got pretty sunny out there on the beach so we used dad's hat for protection as well.
071209 017
Then we moved back up into the woods and enjoyed the view from a shady swing.
071209 021
but Finn fell asleep
071209 025
071209 027
All in all it was a beautiful walk and I think that Phineas will one day really love visiting the island. Tomorrow we may head over to Two Lights State Park.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 months

We have hit the 2 month mark! I love the new things he does and it seems like everyday he greets us with a smile. One that looks kind of like...
except less blurry.
Yesterday was his 2 month child well check. It went pretty well. He weighed in at 13lbs 11oz and was 24 inches long which puts him right about in the 90th percentile. Poor little guy got two shots but he was way braver than I was. Here he is after we got home from his appointment.
He sure was enjoying chewing on his cloth. Soon after he got fussy. He enjoyed the taste of his Tylenol and after a walk with his dad was able to eventually calm down and get some rest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Phineas has been VERY busy the last week or so. Everyday he has made a new discovery and built upon it. His smiles are infectious and his constant cooing is heart melting.
He has discovered he has hands, he has feet and a voice! Such a busy little boy. He now loves his swing and is very content to sit on his own quietly and absorb all that is around him. It is amazing to watch. Of course an update wouldn't be complete without some photographic evidence.

yes he is cross eyed but he is watching as he moves his hand in front of his face. It isn't like his arms are that long! He absolutely loves to look at his feet, he smiles and coos at them. He also seems to enjoy looking at my hands. I spread out my fingers and wiggle them and you can tell he is taking notes! I see hi-fives in his near future.

doesn't he just melt your heart? This is usually the look I get while he is cooing at me. What a charmer!!

here he is in his swing. I am so happy he is finally enjoying it. He stares up at the mobile and talks to the sea creatures. He will sit in there for a long time and he has even fallen asleep. The reason this is amazing is because he had never gone to sleep on his own before this. We have always had to hold, rock or pat him to sleep.

Getting to 8 weeks has been quite an adventure but I think Phineas is really starting to take shape. He is less fussy and so much more interactive. We will update again after his doctors appointment and fill you in on all his stats.