Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get the Ball Rolling

So I still can not access all the birth pics unless I steal them from Facebook in which case they would be VERY small sooo here is a pic of Phineas Phineasright after he was born.

He was so chunky with those big cheekers!! He is not as full figured these days.

OK so lets move on so I can start seriously letting you in on what my little guy has been up to.
He has been sleeping quite a bit and for the last two nights he has even slept through the night. Here is him sleeping when we first brought him home.

He eats a lot!! In fact I am keeping track today because I think he is getting more than he should.. He is a big kid but he seems to be eating above normal.

We try to get out of the house at least once a day. It is hard in these early days since he mostly just sleeps and eats though his awake time is getting longer. Here he is at Hannaford, it was his first time in a cart!
He slept through it, he sleeps through most of our excursions. sigh
Here he is at Target trying on the sunglasses!

OK so I think that about will bring us up to date.. Phineas and I will be checking out the mall today I think... and maybe visiting his grandmother who works across the street! See you soon!

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