Monday, February 23, 2009

the early stages

I feel I should start somewhat early on. We will have to backtrack for a while but I am confident we will catch up soon.

After many positive tests (I was addicted to seeing the second line or the digital word "pregnant" for a while) I started to believe this could be real. My life long dream coming to fruition. It wasn't until we heard his little heart though that I felt safe in allowing myself to openly feel joy and excitement. My OB found it right away and Mark and I were in awe of the little woosh woosh.
Soon after we got to see him.
I have posted the pics with his measurements because afterall, this is his blog. It was another in awe moment. To see this growing blob taking shape into a baby that we created. Everything looked great and right on target.

Our second visit was to find out if we were having a boy or girl. I seriously had no preference and Mark had changed his preference from a girl to a boy. I was just so happy to catch another glimpse at my baby. Again he seemed healthy and happy in there. He was squirming all around and making the technicians life difficult. I am pretty sure he has the same reaction to cameras as Mark and I... no pictures please! Too bad, here is what we saw.
19wks 3 daysprofile pic
19wks 3 days baby feet are the cutest!
19wks 3 daysThis is looking down on his face and arm
19wks 3 days He is giving us the peace sign. I can not wait to kiss that cute little ear! Oh and I am not going to post it but we got a nice shot of the goods and he is clearly a boy! We high fived with that news!

Now that you have seen pics let me tell you a little bit about Phineas himself. I can of course only speculate but I think that he loves fruits and sweets. He is most active when I am not. According to Mark he kicks me all night long but I sleep right through it for now, but he is getting bigger by the second and I have a feeling this will become less easily slept through soon. He can really boogie down and sometimes I think he is in there breakdancing, spinning on his head with his hat to the back and his pants keep saggin. He likes to play games with me. I will push on him and he pushes back. He is not always in the mood for this game and he can tire of it pretty quickly. I don't want to reveal too much about him in the first post so I think I will wrap it up for now.

My vision for this blog is to document my boy as he grows and changes. I just know he will be a magical element to my life and I will never want to forget the small things.

Bethlynne & Phineas

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  1. Congrats on your little guy. Being a mom rocks. Lucky you that he's giving a peace sign. On our sonnagram, we were given the finger. I choose to believe that she went through her rebellious phase in utero and now will grow up to be a sweet and lovely teenager.

    No, really.

    Congrats again!